Geo IT Services Ltd offer three great options for designing your website.


Generated Template Design

Generated Templates are simple displays that can re-fit your website content to fit on most modern devices.


They have a range of customisation options and can be enabled to work with any website feature.


A questionnaire will be emailed for you to customise your template.

Bespoke Design Quote


We take your current branding and images into consideration when designing your site and will provide multiple samples along the way.

Stock images can be purchased and edited on request, logo design can also be provided.

A questionnaire will be emailed for you to provide details of your request, return this to us and a designer will contact you to discuss the design.

A quote usually takes 2-5 working days to write and create a sample, the designer will let you know when to expect the full quote.

Default Template

If you have experience with WordPress or websites in general this might be right for you. Select from a wide range of FREE and paid templates from the WordPress Template Library.

Customise the template to suit your own needs. Please note we can only provide limited support for this option.

Website Packages

Easily managed website packages with designs and features.


Choose from a range of domains, or transfer an existing domain.