We have created a range of plugins to help you get the functionality you need from your website, each developed with ease-of-use in mind. Out goal is to keep the interface straight forward while still allowing you flexibility and customisation.


All our plugins are regularly updated to keep your information secure and your features active.


To try out our additional website features in our online demo please contact us.
If you can’t see what you need, it may be coming soon or we can build it for you. Please contact us with an outline of your needs.



Create and manage multiple image galleries across your website, each can be displayed as a group of thumbnails with zoom, or a large slideshow.

  • Create and manage unlimited galleries
  • Add unlimited images
  • Edit image captions
  • Display as slideshow or thumbnail grid
  • Accepts all web safe image formats


Collect, check and display user reviews through your website.

  • Testimonials created by visitors
  • Accept, edit or delete responses
  • Form and testimonials can be dispayed seperatley
  • Set notification email address
  • Set thank you message

Contact Forms

Create multiple contact forms for various uses' across your website. Each form can be constructed to contain the fields you need and the submitted data is emailed and stored. SSL Certificate recommended with this feature.

  • Create unllimited contact forms
  • Create unllimited fields
  • Set options and requirments
  • Manage auto alerts and reponses

Website Packages

Easily managed website packages with designs and features.